Eat and drink animation ? buff and effect ? friend on the map ? party system?


cooking is processing but i wonder is there any eat and drink animation ?
add some buff or effect after player ate or drank ?
I know there is a drunken effect , but i suggest some particle around the player about few mins ?
Or other functional effect ?

On the other hand , show player’s friend on the map to help player find each other more easily ?
Add a party system so when party leader join a game then the party member can accept to join it together ?



The devs have hinted that they have ideas of making Cooking work with Ocean Exploration, allowing you to make certain foods to benefit you. I’m sure they’ll do some more fun/broad buffs that make cooking worthwhile too. As for the social stuff Dwarfer linked to the trello for that, and there are other features planned that will compliment the group system.