Easter egg too big for offical forum!


Guys, using a VERY recently discovered bug to get out of the map, I decided to do some exploring before it got patched! I found something… big.

So, you know the door, that used to be in the train station in the alpha lobby, and when EA released, was then only obtainable via potion glitching until THAT got patched!?

Well, using this glitch, I found the same room, only… it’s different, there might actually be a way to get into the tunnel legit, and maybe, soon, the door…

So, first part, I got out of the map, and I went to the hidden room in the subway, just to check it out for easter eggs, and I found one. A big one.

Can’t see much? Well, let me just move down a little bit.

Now, what do you see, a tunnel under the vent? Well, you are exactly correct.

So, intrigued, I went in, to find something very surprising indeed. This is a image of me looking up at the vent from the tunnel.

I looked, and the first thing I saw was a long tunnel and a steel door, (which does nothing.)

I walked into the tunnel (after a fatal error and starting Tower again :confused:)
And I found something very similar. Now i’m guessing most of you already know what this is, just as I did. So I am not going to explain it,

The tunnel is, BACK! And this time there MIGHT just be a way to get into it legit! (though according to my research, no one has found a way, along with me)

Now, I know what you are thinking, JUST SEE IF IT OPENS!!! And, too my great disappointment,
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/5/0/50b7bb1a8e9b9ab4b04201408a023784021bebdb.jpg" width="200"height=“112”>

Nothing. But this is still a big find. Maybe something will happen on halloween day? No one knows. I guess all we can do now, is wait.

What do you think about this? I, personally find it VERY interesting. I am going to be posting the link to this forum to the easter egg thread as well, thank’s for reading!

Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!


he boot too big for his feet


First of all, these images are the size of M&Ms.
Secondly, I’m prety sure the underground hallway itself hasn’t changed.
Finally, this has been reported (and even linked to the Easter egg thread) several times already.


Been reported several times. Please search beforehand.


What is this, pictures for ants?


“too big”

posts 200x112 images