Easter Egg Hunt

So easter is right around the corner. So I would like to propose two new ideas for an easter egg hunt.

Option One: A present-like event

How this would work is like the metal detecting/present event where every thirty minutes or so, the event will start and eggs will scatter around the map, inside the eggs would be an award! It could be a item from the shops or a new easter themed item!

Option Two: Quests

How this would work is around the plaza there could be a few NPC’s that you can talk to and each of them will have a specific quest you can do such as finding items hidden in the plaza, or buying specific items at shops for them (you don’t keep the items, nor would it take away units) and they would give awards such as a trophy, a special easter item, or simply just units. You will also get an achievement for completing these quests.

Which Option Do You Like Better?

  • Option One
  • Option Two
  • Both

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Can I pick both?

Now you can.