Easier item snapping

I would really like an easier way to snap items together for building larger structures like pixelart and buildings. The feature should take the same item from your inventory you want to snap and snaps it perfectly next to the item you placed. It should include 8 cardinal directions with forward and backward options. There are some rather old gmod addons that do this perfectly and I need this in TU.


Well it’s already possible to select how large the grid your furniture snaps to is.

There is also a trello about this: https://trello.com/c/oLKVaBp0/111-advanced-condo-tools

Yes but often times items still aren’t perfectly level no matter what size grid snap you use. So stuff comes out frustratingly off alignment. Happened to me over and over when trying to build a house in the sky that I eventually gave up…


I’m pretty sure he means something completely different than what you’re saying. He’s talking about this. Handy stuff.


Exactly this.

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inb4 i mention that is already possible.

That is already possible, trouble is it dosen’t work perfectly and (just like brochure said) your items will end up being a little bit misaligned.
so it needs a touch up.

Look at games like Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, it has the same type of feature I’m talking about.

It’s possible, but it isn’t a feature. You can make it work by placing it yourself, but things would go along a lot more faster and smoothly if you were able to click on the sides to spawn the item. Not sure why you need to find reasons to deny this suggestion so much, as simple as it is.

wait i am?
i thought i was saying that i was merely guessing that since they already got a trello regarding upgrading the building tools that this might already be in the works.

shit man this guy that isn’t me at all knows me better than i know myself

so again, snapping feature could use an upgrade like the one arctiq suggested.