E3 2018 is near and what better way to celebrate it than having our very own virtual E3?

The E3 2018 Community Event will open for Press Conferences on 9th June and the doors to the full event will be open 12th June - 15th June.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


This. Is. Amazing




Here we go!


I better not forget to come to the event.
About what time does it start?


This is why I love the TU Community!

Amazing job!


Press conferences will start with EA’s conference on June 9th at 11am PST / 7pm BST.

Full event will open June 12th - June 15th from 12pm - 6pm PST / 8pm - 2am BST.



Am hyped


time to inferno mode on my blazing laptop


this is pleasure


How can one get into the press conferences? I am a reporter from a group called the Milk Squang and would love to take this once in a lifetime opportunity.


So, you’re going to host the condo for the full duration of E3?
Either way, this is amazing.


Event is now live!


How do i get in?, i don’t see the condo.


So it opens again today in 10 minutes.