Dynamic Colors for the Minigolf Ball

Think of it like this: There could be special “color sets” that the golf ball can use to describe something or to display. For example, your golf ball may fade from green (slow) to yellow (semi-fast) to red (fast) in a “speedometer color set”. Perhaps you’re the person who wants your golf ball to constantly fade from red to orange to yellow and all the way down to purple and restart to give a “rainbow” effect on the ball. Or, maybe you want your golf ball to measure and display altitude, stroke count, scoreboard position, time remaining, or even hole number using a unique color scheme for each.

I would also recommend selling said “color sets” for Units at a shop in the Minigolf port, similar to how Ballrace orbs are sold at their respective game world port. These “color sets” can then be equipped from the color changer in a game of Minigolf, where either new icons would be added to the wheel or previously locked icons would be unlocked. This would add a new way to customize the golf ball that can be earned by spending Units, and make the golf ball interesting to observe in-game.


Could be purchaseable skins in-game, would add a nice little money sink.

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And money is half the battle!