Drones and selfie sticks!

Thanks right, the current personal self-portrait hype should definitely be in Tower Unite!
Grab that selfie stick or throw that drone up in the air and take some cool pictures/videos of you and your friends doing cool stuff! :raised_hands:


I’n not a big fan of the selfie stick, but drones might be a fun idea. It’d be a great way to get better angles for screenshots, and that has to be worth something. Besides, who knows what else might be possible with drones? Improvised races, anyone?

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Drones, hell yeah! Good idea for exploration and taking pics.

Selfie sticks, hell no.



Selfie-stick with one of these on the end of it.


NO! :sleepy:

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Couldn’t have said it better!

Drones, yes. Selfie sticks… Hah. No.

Here’s an addition for the drone: Have a 360-degree recording mode for YouTube.

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Actually wouldn’t a drone be a good way to disguise that free camera function (or some camera function I don’t remember the name of) people were talking about a little while back? probably would be weird to buy a drone to get access to that function, unless you got a sort of default one at the start you could make look prettier or something like that.

Well, the idea is that the drone would function as a portable camera. Not sure if disguising would be necessary.

Have to agree with drone but… Selfie Sticks? Just… no…

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They did that in SNOW, people love it.

But as this relates to the topic, SNOW is about exploring a mountain, so there’s lots of terrain that is unfamiliar. Tower is like home, I already know what everything is and where and what it looks like, I really don’t see the use of a drone aside from screenshots.

Drones: YES. Drones sound awesome! This would be so fun, and great for taking photos, at the same time. Great idea, @Strix
Selfie Sticks :


if you made the idea zak
then i would be 100% fine with it : D
(just want to point out that i am male and NOT gay)
but for real what demon have unleashed on this topic? like wtf is that thing… ik its not a camera because look at that thing! doesnt even look like it has filters)

i sae there was only RC Boats N Cars… so i was thinking maybe we should get some helicopter drone or one of those drone things from call of duty or something : P

Drones would be really cool actually, maybe they could be tied to the RC cars and boats as the camera for controlling them and then you could adjust the drone to adjust the camera.

Selfie sticks on the other hand are a different matter and while I personally don’t care for them and wouldn’t use them, I guess they could have some use for adjusting the width of your camera shot or something.

I agree that drones could be a thing with the same interface as the controllable toys. However, it would probably have to be some what controlled (such as battery) or else you would probably go as far as being able to go outside the skybox. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for the selfie sticks, it’s not the item itself, but how it would work that questions me. Although I think that being able to rotate the third person camera around you would probably get the job done in the same way.

Honestly, why would you need selfie-sticks when you have drones? Drones are cooler.

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i like both ideas! i understand the hate for the selfie stick, but i think it would fit into Tower Unite well. all of the silly items in Gmod Tower really made the Lobby a fun place to be, especially if there was a huge camera on the end of it like Zak suggested. plus, the selfie option in The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD worked pretty well for some cute moments!

i’ll agree though, drones have a much larger potential and cool factor going for it.


Drone Races anybody? :raising_hand: