Dozer's big fat suggestions thread about progression!

Hello! I’ve been thinking for quite a while (since GMT) about what I’d like to see or what I think would give the game some more substance in Tower Unite (and GMT of course), since I look at it now, and think there could be a drought of incentive to play in the near future, and possibly at release. So, this is my suggestions thread around a progression system.

Progression System:
Some of my thoughts are for a possible progression system in TU, other than just how much money you have, and of course, I am talking about a leveling system. But, I don’t mean just your typical leveling system. I think a way you could introduce an interesting leveling system that isn’t just “do stuff and your e-peen grows bigger” could be something where you have your normal level (i.e. epeen growing meter), and then have that base level in the middle of a sort of web of skills, where each minigame, the casino, condo decorating/activity time, total Units earned/held at a single time would each grow and have an influence on your profile/some sort of statistic page, and on your character with specific rewards. These rewards would be directly influenced by what level they are tied to, i.e. your mini golf level 200 reward being a golf caddy to drive around the plaza, your Unit level 100 reward being clothing with a typical “Benjamins” style pattern, a Slaughterday Night Live level 10 reward being the title “Bruiser” (assuming SDNL is a PVP game mode), and things along those lines.

(Thanks for reading. Also, soppy little side note to the devs, if they read this I loved GMT so much, and if there’s any way I could help, like donating, volunteering for dev work, or anything like that, I would be very, very glad to. <3)

I imagine the planned Achievement/Milestone System will be similar to the Milestone system which was used back in Gmod Tower where after doing certain tasks like playing 300 levels of Ball Race and playing 250 rounds of Virus you would be given an award linked to the task you completed.

Although I do really like your idea it might be a little too complex for Tower. In my personal opinion the system used in GMT was effective enough and doesn’t need to be tweaked all that much.


Yeah, I suppose it is a little complicated. But I think it’d be good to better express players as individuals, and that might be a good way to do it.
Maybe it would be fine with just the old milestone system, though.

I still want my Dragon Pet.

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