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Hello, Im programming a multiple chice Quiz game and i wanted to get all multiple choice General knowledge Questions to store them in a json file. The problem is, that i can only get 50 Questions at a Time and if I “Download” 50 questions multiple times I get duplicates. (I would like to have around 1000 questions (I don’t know if your Data Base has enough but i think there are at least 300) What can I do?
The other Question is if i can get the questions without encoding for characters like ä/ö/’
or is there a json formater which decodes exactly that?

You don’t want to make a new session token each time you request questions, otherwise you’ll get duplicate questions each time. You can also adjust the encoding results. More information can be found on, under the API documentation.

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yes if i had read it i would have known it and wouldn’t have had the first issue. But the second issue persists, the problem is, that an ’ or an @ will be displayed as #039;… And if i want to use the questions i will see the Ascii code and not the character or what this is called.
C# and unity does support all special characters. the only thing is, that " needs to be formated as
I know i can replace everything (wich i did but i want to later download the questions directly from the api)