Double Dragon mode for LC

Double the needed players double the knights double the dragons. this will be mayhem but it will be so fun.

Problem is, as much as I love Little Crusaders, it’s pretty dead, and it would be hard to fill up a game with double the players.

If you got together a bunch of friends it would be for that or 2 dragons would spawn when 9 players or more joined to keep it balanced.

I like the idea of a 2nd dragon spawning when enough players join.

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Maybe even have it a different color or something like that.

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When there are about 6 or 7 knights is when it gets really hard as a dragon so maybe you can have a baby dragon help you out. and just be way too cute. also maybe make the 2nd dragon a girl dragon so we can have a dragon family.

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then i demand u give the crusaders double jumps

The crusaders do NOT need a double jump.

tHeN tUrN theM InTo CaRs

Car skin for the dragon when upgrade comes out

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lets go to mcdonalds and ask them for the birb dragon
the look on their faces will be epic

Getting a little off topic, don’t you think?

no lets have a dragon but get this
its actually wearing a banana costume

useless reply is useless. Along with this reply. If a mod comes along, delete these both please

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That’s just what he does.

personally i don’t mind this.

hes just trying to make people laugh and make this community better by spreading randomness

off topic is a great place for randomness. Forums are supposed to be a little more organized elsewhere.

Can we get back to the main topic?

Would be cool if one dragon ate, and one dragon roared, or something like that

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Combos I like that.

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