Door to move between condos

So i know community condos are coming and these will be great for people that want to host and create their own social worlds and other things like that. So i think it would be cool to add the ability to add a “Door” or teleport that you can assign to another condo, so people can move freely between each world as if they are connected, This means players can make their own community like plazas and have them link to all their different types of rooms and games. This will allow alot more freedom in creating huge and unique places to explore.

Let me know what you think? :slight_smile:

An interesting idea. I’m not sure if it would work between condos of one user; hosting one condo on a single non-dedicated machine is hard enough, so it’d be iffy to have multiple condo instances running at a time (I don’t remember if dedicated condo servers are planned, but if they are I can see this becoming a non-issue). However, having doors which link to one of your friends could prove interesting. I’d imagine that the door would light up if the friend you’ve linked it to is currently in their condo, and using the door would be quick access to their place. Ideally you’d be able to jump to their condo yourself without having your condo shut down, but that might run into the aforementioned issue of loading multiple condos at once.

Yes i’m pretty sure that with community condos comes dedicated servers and this is what i was mainly referring to. The ability to have your server online even without hosting it and all the players with permissions being able to keep things under control. This feature would be great for that. Almost just like a server hop. But it ties them together. I also think you should be given the ability to have unlimited instances of smooth dirt. I know you can atm if you host them separately as you can load a configuration but we need to have more than one loaded at once for this feature to have even greater affect.

Community Condos are dedicated condo servers

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I really like a door to your friends condo as an item and it would be compatible with dedicated condos as well.

I had other ideas that I haven’t done yet like having a hallway that loads all condos as condo doors while you are in your condo to help bridge the gap physically.


Yeah i think the item would be cool, or maybe an option to add the inteeractive “E” Button to any item that would work with it. So doors and teleport pads but maybe even things like an airplane that you can interact with as if you have used it to fly there. Or a picture frame that way people could do cool illusions like hoping though pictures to each other’s condos. Just cool niche little things like that would make the addition even better.

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Holy shit, that hallway idea sounds amazing.

Yeah, I really like it. My only concern is that if the condo owner left to another condo, the other clients would disconnect. I was thinking of maybe having it so if the condo owner did that, the clients would automatically load into their own condo hallway instead of just being disconnected (and also told where the host went to).


I love the idea of knowing where the host went to. I know with the hallway you would have to do this method of reconnecting. but with the item it could either be just dedicated server only, or like how someone explained above for hosted condos, the door could say (Offline) if the condo isn’t open.