Doodle requests (CLOSED)






Draw yourself drawing yourself. Method of recursion/paradox up to you.


+1 respect for this guy


will be taking a slight break from doodle requests
take hotline mimi man i did for an art trade as compensation!


woahoho nice

thanks for making all these young children’s dreams become reality.


ok i changed my mind, this thread is over for now!
65 replies! thats soo many.

stay tuned for doodle requests 2, coming sometime… later!



I knew I’d be too late… Wait, are you hotline mimi man and that bat is your pen?


sorry but could you please elaborate? I am not sure what you mean by this.


Hes taking a break since so many people request things, and he will come back sometime later


puts hand in shoulder
we don’t know if this is a boy or a girl or whatever
just use they instead

im sorry about that


yeah im sorry i shouldn’t have done that, i think their name is sam


turns out
(and im not taking the piss or anything, i genuinely found this on their tumblr)
their gender is
“my genders this picture of a cat eating a meal


Can you draw Jigglypuff drawing on someone’s face?


Requests are closed, ill make a new post when they’re open again.