Don't upgrade to Windows 10 right away!

For those of you looking to upgrade to Windows 10 tomorrow, don’t do it! At least not right away, wait until they fix things. Microsoft has made various decisions that are very questionable. For instance, they added forced updating. You can’t control when/what to update. I’m not going to go over the details. I’m not sure if we can share links to other websites with articles, so google “Windows 10 automatic updates problem”. We have a year to decide if we want to upgrade, so it’s best to wait.

Aren’t there already work-arounds for the automatic update garbage?
Either way, I don’t know how much stuff Windows 10 breaks in terms of software and drivers, so I’ll hold off for that reason alone.

Yeah, it’s rumored that Microsoft wants to change to a subscription payment model for “Windows” (just windows, no number) somewhere down the line.

So they might be doing this free ‘upgrade’ to lure people in.

Not sure though, I think it’s just speculation at the moment.

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I remember reading that if you manage to stop windows update, you are unable to get security updates or something. Check here.

Wow, that is the worst thing ever. I hope developers will stick with Windows 7.

Yeah I’m not giving up Windows 7, it’s perfect


Were the NVIDIA drivers fixed?

The article I found was made two days ago, so I doubt it.

I’m still going to do it. I’m excited to try it out, as I was with Vista and 7.

If you reserve windows 10, can you choose between 7 and 10 if you dont like it?

I want to update, but I won’t do it tomorrow at all. These early builds are always unstable and I don’t want to lose compatibility for performance

You get a free and permanent copy of Windows 10, so assuming you still have access to a Windows 7 disc or key, yes.

If I don’t like Windows 10, I can always switch back. The anti-Microsoft fear-mongering is getting a bit old.


So if I reserve it, I have 2 OS’s installed on my PC which I can choose from whenever?

I think you’ll have to partition in order to do that. As far as I know, you get an .iso, so you can burn that to a disc and then install both.

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Thats it then, Windows 10 bye bye.

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Zak, that’s true, but not for Windows 10. The version of Windows after Windows 10 will follow that mode.

And I hope, by that time, Linux has got its stuff together in regards to gaming. Windows 10 gets ten years of support, so we’re on a deadline.

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My concern:
Windows Update has proven to be a highly intrusive application (with it’s restart timer / postpone button).

There is a workaround in Windows 7 via registry editing (which I’ve done on all the machines I own).

I have read articles stating that Windows 8 / 8.1 did some dubious things in this area.
It is because of Windows Update that I have the concern I stated previously:

I don’t think a huge company like Microsoft would just give away their flagship operating system for free unless there was an underlying profitable reason. I suspect its purpose is to adjust people towards the newly proposed payment model they plan to use with “Windows”.

I have no qualms with this model.
However I wish to reserve the right to decide when to update.

Until it has been verified that there is a registry workaround in Windows 10, I’m not interested in giving up control over that aspect of the operating system.

I like Windows 7, it works perfectly fine and I see no reason to upgrade.

I have no intentions of fear-mongering here.
Microsoft makes a decent operating system, I use Windows for everything.
Most of the applications I use don’t work for *nix yet so I won’t be leaving Windows anytime soon.

I just have concerns and I’m sharing them.


Is there an easy way to convert my windows 8 to a 7 because it came as 8.

Unless you have a disc for Win 7, I don’t think so.

No, there’s no free downgrades.