Dont Stop Donating! :D

please do not stop donating just because it reached 50k
if we reach 60k we will have a bigger beach with RIDABLE BOATS!
and finding items with a METAL DETECTOR at the beach!
Now how awesome does that sound?

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Idk about the metal detector, everyone’s just gonna be walking the beach waiting for loot to spawn

But everything else sounds so exciting! Ca’t wait for a real boardwalk boardwalk!
Will there be gumball machines full of fish food? They have those at Kemah and it’s kinda gross but the fish get a lot of attention

but i LOVE the idea of riding a boat at the beach :smiley:


I think your kind of preaching to the choir here. The people on this forum who were going to donate (and were able to), have done it already.


well there is a chance some people have not donated and waiting till last moment
or people who just heard of it and want to donate

I think we reached our limit. 53k is enough to make a good game, but… i want better beach ;_;

This reminds me of scriphunting in Hl2rp… lol.

we got 54k atm so we just need 6k more if we are to get the extended beach

Seems we lost a lot of momentum when we hit the goal. I don’t want to say the stretch goal is lackluster but it does feel very much like just another gem which may be contributing to the stall

they should do 10 final gems again to get back the hype!
or 5 gems… i hope we get the extended beach! but for now im just glad we will have the game for sure : D

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I think the problem is that this feels basically like a gem. We don’t need a higher quantity of gems we need more grand stretch goals. An extra 10k is a bit of money and I have serious doubts we will reach that goal with a reward that feels more worth one of the 1k goals. Not trying to say I don’t appreciate extra content or be negative I’m just talking from how I see our funding stall.

In the devs defence, I feel that a boardwalk overhaul is a pretty big task. They’re gonna turn it from a platform with a ferris wheel to an all out attraction center.

I feel it’s gonna be less of just a platform, and more like Pleasure Pier, if you’ve ever heard of it.
If you haven’t, you should click that link and see what it looks like right now as you are reading this at this moment in time and space.

I can tell you that the more money we raise, the more awesome the game will be. We’ll be able to spend more time on the project which definitely equals a higher quality game.