Donator on Gmod Tower; how do I get the benefits?

I remember reading that we’d get a coupon or something for donating on Gmtower for Tower unite. I never actually got that / know how to get it. Could anyone please help me out? Thank you so much.

If you donated with the Steam account you have Tower Unite on, then the benefits will be automatically added when they are ready. As of right now, none of the backer benefits are in-game.

What’s the backer panel? Sorry, I’m just really confused. I didn’t donate to their kickstarter, I donated on the actual Gmod tower server for VIP and remember reading we’d at least get a coupon or something.

Sorry, I put up some incorrect info. I’ve edited my post. I was thinking of IndieGoGo rewards at the time. Sorry!

GMT donors do get an extra item to compensate, though.