Donate to Development?


I am absolutely in love with this game and i really appreciate how motivated and determined the Devs are to the progression to the game and the community and i would like to know if there is any way to donate money to the production?


From what i can tell the PixelTail studio doesn’t have a paypal or Patreon where you can donate money on a wim.
Id say you should try and contact MacDGuy or Caboose directy since they usually respond to PMs quickly.


the game had a indiegogo page but not anymore. sorry man.


In the past when this has come up the general suggestion is that best the way to further support the devs is purchasing extra copies for friends, families and giveaways and such. I too want to throw money at the devs but I have settled with Tower Unite being my go to gift for my gaming friends.


Yup, pretty much this. Also, you can buy copies as gifts so you can store them in your inventory to send later.


you’re not able to buy gifts and store them in your inventory anymore iirc


Last time i checked Kronikal was looking for used organs


Figured instead of making a new post i’d just ask this here.

Rather than complain about updates taking too long i figured i figured there’s a better possibility of solving the complaint and the reason the problem exists.
The question is simple, is there anything us fans of the game can do to help? Testing, donations, etc, im sure theres plenty of people who played gmod tower who would be more than willing to lend a hand if it would make developing tower easier and quicker for you guys. Hell, it’s the least i can do after all the fun i had in gmod tower, if anything i probably want to see tower unite surpass gmod tower just as much as Mac and company do.


We’re already testing the game by playing the EA version of the game. So you keep playin’ the game and submitting bugs!


The game is in Early Access. We’re already testing the game and influencing development. That’s the whole point of Early Access.


I think it would be pretty neat if you could donate through twitch while there is a dev stream, and perhaps get a shout out or something.