Doing some art


Another something I really wanted to test out with the copycat tool : sculpting.

Made under 3 hours and 2,231 cubes, I present you The Thinker (by Rodin).

I started off with a roughly made wire figure made of cylinders :

I pasted cubes on top of each other, with the same orientation, until it satisfied me.


You never fail to amaze me, dude.


You should become an computer artist… And then this should go in a museum!


Ash youre always full of shi-… i mean amazing shi-… AMAZING CREATIONS


Can’t wait to see what you will come up with next.




stop making arts please !


did a thing with bananas and shadows :

Ok, a more serious one…

here’s the pile of junks :

and the result :


FFS these are always too good. (Head shaking intensifies)

Really well done


Got a few other things :

The famous Following Eyes Dragon illusion :

Another shadow …

… made out of knives (mostly)

Here I wanted to see if the metallic staircase pole in the Art Condo was reflecting light correctly, so I put an anamorphic picture around it… and it works perfectly.

and… erhm…


This is exactly what somebody should do in a condo. Just make a virtual sculpt gallery.