Does the Unreal engine support jigglebones?

Is this something the devs could potentially enable for character models?

What? What do you mean? This game runs on Unreal Engine 4.

If you’re asking if jigglebones can be added for workshop playermodels, it’s certainly possible in this game engine. Though I’m not sure if it’s planned as I can’t find anything confirming it.

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Not sure why I was thinking Quake instead of Unreal. But you answered the question I meant to ask :slight_smile:

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IIRC, there’s no innate “jigglebone” like there is in source in UE4, but they can be done using a spring element in a bone (I believe this is done with the hats in golf )

This might make things harder to implement via workshop though.

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I don’t want to see jiggly bits all over the place, some of the models are too almost nsfw as it is