Does joining late in a ballrace count towards achievement completion?

or must you do a map from start to finish to get conquer progression?

Pretty sure if you’re in a game right before it finishes it does count towards the “Visited x” achievement, I don’t think this applies to the achievements related to beating it without dying however.

Currently you can join at the end of the game and still get the achievement for not dying (assuming you don’t die after you join), I don’t think your supposed to be able to do that though since you can just join before the game ends and get it.

yeah that’s no good, i’ve been creating matches so i could do it from start to finish this whole time and being like “i’ve got 30 tries at this before it’s a fail”

Oh, just do that anyway! It’s fun and challenging. I’ve been doing em honestly and aside from the time to restart it’s pretty fun. Although I do think this should get fixed.

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