Does anything affect my chances?

Hello, I’m wondering if using my mouse instead of space affects my chances with the wheel of money jackpot negatively, I’ve been sitting on this slot spinning non stop for 9 days now (with only breaks being sleeping) and I still haven’t won the jackpot, I’m just wondering if there’s something I’m doing wrong

No, nothing you can do as a player influences the chances in anyway.


Not to be rude but I really do hope this is a severe exaggeration. It’s not healthy to throw away that much time and energy for the sake of some virtual currency.


Unfortunately its not an exaggeration, don’t get me wrong i have 2 monitors and i focus mainly on whatever I’m watching on my main monitor, otherwise i would have to be literally insane to do this, but i couldnt have possibly known the odds of winning the jackpot was this ridiculously extremely low (im guessing ~>0.0001%) but yeah i’m debating whether or not this slot machine is bugged and is actually incapable of giving a jackpot outcome at this point

11 days straight and counting, roughly 200 hours of my 226 hours of playtime on this single WoM slot machine, i have made around 3 million units slowly from regular wins from this machine so far

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The casino was a mistake.


WoM really just takes that long for some people. other people get the jackpot in their first 10 spins, others get it in their first hundred, thousand, ect. it’s not bugged.

First 10 spins sounds 100 times less likely than winning the lottery irl