Does anyone know what will be coming in the first 'Steam Alpha' Patch?

Is there gonna be another gamemode? Or possibly the casino? Does anyone know yet?


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Nobody know, but there wont be any update to the alpha till the steam version.

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Seeing as it’s a patch, it will most likely fix bugs.

oh. I was hoping for content, but bug fixes are awesome too!!

I think the next alpha build (AKA First Steam Build) will just be some bugfixes. But they’ll probably start updating with new content in August or so.

I don’t think PixelTail will just fix bugs in the next alpha update. I know they’ve been busy with the campaign and all, but I’m sure they’ll add some functionalities, although they may be very small

Like possibly soundcloud support?

Or maybe a server browser. Who knows

That would be very useful. Then we could see all the servers up instead of searching through the forums.

I believe since PixelTail has the security of a fully funded game they will now continue to put some work into the Alpha. That being said, there’s still a lot of other stuff they need to craft that can’t even be put in the Alpha, so they’ll have to divide their time the best they see fit.

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Its stated on their indiegogo that their full time development starts in august. So we can probably expect bigger updates after then.

Minigolf when?

I’m hoping for Virus in August… :smiley:

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But I’m also hoping for a guy playermodel for Ballrace at least…

I think it’s much more likely we’ll be seeing Minigolf or Accelerate as the next playable gameworld. They’ve both shown to be in some working order, however all we’ve seen for Virus is just concept art for it. No actual models, maps, etc. I personally think Minigolf will be the next gameworld that we’ll see.

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I’d be fine with Accelerate. That’d be pretty fun, anyways.

Hopefully they will at least throw in the playable piano in there. It’s already done.

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Dedicated servers and server browser have been confirmed for the Steam update.

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All I really want is the theatre, as long as that makes it in quick I’ll be happy :smile: