Do you think we'll make it to 75k? If we do, a stretch goal? O_o

  • We’ll make it and there will probably be a stretch goal
  • We’ll make it, but no strectch goal
  • We won’t make it, but maybe a stretch goal
  • We won’t make it at all.

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… In 10s I get 2 votes???

THREE??? Already three votes in less than a minute??

Some people have forum notifications turned on. It’s not that big of a deal.

I highly doubt we’ll make 75K. My doubt is even higher that there would be a stretch goal. If they were going to do another stretch goal, they would have done it yesterday when we went over 70K.

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Well, maybe they didnt expect us to get 73k. I honsestly agree with you though

This. I didn’t expect it to hit 60. Let alone 70k. But its not unusual for Crowdfunding campaigns to get an enormous boosts in the last few days. But at least we got 73k. I wonder if we’ll hit 75 before it ends? Hmm.

Alright 13m left, 73,603 USD. I don’t think we’ll make it.