Do you guys think the Casino is the only thing people do?

Everytime i join a server everybody is in the casino! you just hear the sounds of people spamming the Video Black Jack, and no one is doing anything else. Bowling is populated becasue it’s relatively new, but thats about it. The condos are alot of fun also. I think games should be more profitable so people would actually play them. (btw i hope this is in the right thread)

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No, I don’t think the casino is the only thing people do. I’ve seen people doing all sorts of activities, and the casino is by far not the only thing.


Bowling is populated because it’s relatively new

because it’s fun*

Gameworld payouts have already been increased a while ago and are (in my opinion) better than the Casino in terms of consistency, it’s just that people would love to get the big bucks in one go and you can’t really blame them for that :neutral_face:

Also, keep in mind that the Plaza is far from complete and is still missing major activities such as the Arcade or the Laser Tag


Can’t wait for laser tag. And yeah i get that bowling is fun. But i feel like it will be another trivia/ typing durby. Really popular while it was new. Hope that never happens.

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I absolutely adore your name, it’s wonderful in every aspect of the nomenclature, I just wanted you to know that.

And I disagree with casino being the only thing people do, it’s certainly populated but that’s because it so hard not to profit from it. The only reason I booted the game recently was because I had a hankering for ball race and so I got winter and sophie and a couple of friends on to play. Lots of randoms joined, it was pretty fun all things considered.

Payouts on literally all gameworlds and trivia/typing derby were already increased by like 60% post casino update… They pay out quite generously now compared to before.

Oh. I wasn’t aware. Well hopefully in the near future they can think of an update to encourage more games being played becasue i know it’s in it’s early stages.

I think Little Crusaders will get the casino completely empty.

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i more likely think LC will be popular for like 3-4 days BY 75% commnity and rest will stay at the casino, and after those days LC will be like 25-50% popular as those days and rest will return in casino.


i think mostly like 75-80% community is only at casino.

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Absolutely. The lobby feels empty 24/7. Can’t even remember the last time I saw more than a couple people in the theater. It used to be a staple of Tower, it was almost always packed with people until the casino update dropped. Now it’s just an empty room that only has one person watching videos in it most of the time. I still think the whole “empty” feeling comes from not just the casino though, but the fact that all the servers are split up now. You have dozens of servers with just a few players now, as opposed to just two with a lot of players. Now, everyone’s doing their own thing on servers with only 3 or 4 people. At most, Chicago and New York (The largest servers usually), get up to 40 people, but they’re still almost all in the casino. Idk, maybe I’m complaining too much, but that’s my two cents.


People just farm units… ;/


No lol

If you ask, people will do other activities with you. Plus, you can’t blame them for doing what they find most fun.

I cant imagine how exploiting blackjack and spinning for hours can be fun but, that’s up to them if they enjoy it.


Yeah i agree 100%

LC is a whole new game world. People would probably play that for a week or more.

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I know I’ll be playing it regularly often ( as I do with the other Gameworlds excluding PP).

Lol i found this video and explains the current state of Tower Unite perfectly.

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Reminder that this video was made more than 2 months ago and that things have changed since then


The point i was trying to make is that in this video people spend all there time in the casino instead of doing the other activities and it’s really similar to whats going on today.