Do I *HAVE* to provide evidence when reporting?

If I do not provide any evidence, will the report be ignored?
I don’t have any screen-recording device installed and uploading would be a hassle for me :frowning:

Well as the ingame reporting function states in regards to evidence:

“Explain the event with as much detail as possible.”
“Include evidence in the form of a YouTube video if you are reporting voice chat violations, macros, or hacking.

Doesn’t sound like evidence is required if you aren’t reporting someone for the listed reasons, which is most likely because the devs have systems that can log certain things, such as what we say in the text chat.
Still probably couldn’t hurt to add a screenshot or two if you really want to.

Now, not adding evidence when you’re reporting someone for the previously listed reasons will most likely end in the report being discarded since without any evidence to prove what happened, and possibly with no system that can detect and log macro usage or log what is said in voice chat, then it’s basically your word over theirs.

Just in case you mean hardware: Most people use software for that. And in the past few years this program has established itself:

also, i highly recommend Shadowplay (NVIDIA Share) it has helped me alot in these situations

windows 10 has the gamebar app thing you can install and it has a similar feature the above mentioned Shadowplay which is being able to record a moment that has passed, as in recording the last 30 seconds.

this is a good alternative if you have a machine that does not use a Nvidia graphics card (such as an AMD graphics card) because shadowplay is only available on Nvidia cards iirc.