DIY walls materials

I have noticed that the DIY walls you can buy at the shop have the inability to change its textures like the regular condo walls I am asking this for a friend as he is building a condo thanks for reading.

What item, exactly are you referring to by “DIY wall”? There’s a bunch of them that fit that, like Canvas Wall, Canvas Cube etc.
I believe all the Canvas primitives and the Canvas Wall can have their texture changed like the regular condo walls, so use them for building.
The outlier is the item simply named Canvas which is intended for images placed on a wall. Make sure they’re not using that.

You can change the texture to whatever texture you want, as well as the regular condo textures on the canvas wall.

Do to clear it up there’s buildables you can buy at the diy store and when my friend placed it down he couldn’t change the diy wall texture to be like his regular condo wall texture. As in he can’t match them

Are you talking about a DIY cube or an already done wall?