Display personal + server-wide "bests" on Minigolf scoreboard

Sometimes I lose track of how well I’ve done on holes previously. It would be great to add just one or two more rows on the scoreboard that showed the best score I’ve personally received on a hole, and perhaps the best score anyone has received. Would not only make it easier to compete against your own personal bests, but would also give you an idea of what to aim for when trying to perfect a course.

I like this a lot.


this would also be nice for ballrace :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I would love to be able to see how people were able to get to the holes with the lowest shots.

Just curious: is this something Tower Unite is considering adding? It’s the top voted suggestion in this category and doesn’t seem too complicated from a programming perspective.

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Maybe it’s not high priority as of right now.

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Yeah, I know the devs have a lot to work on. But I do think this would be a fun and fairly easy add (though I’m certainly biased as I spend a lot of time on Minigolf).