Disappeared items returning in Tower Unite?

Months ago, before TU was even announced, I got that condo glitch were all my furniture disappeared. I filled out the form to recover my stuff multiple times for a few weeks, but it never worked. Is it possible for your lost items to still be transferred?
“But Katz, why not just buy all furniture back??”
Well, I would. But the fact that I lost more than half of my trophies, the Lobby 1 plate, and Donor Basket makes me paranoid because I couldn’t really get them back. It would be greatly appreciated if there was a way to get your lost items back in Tower Unite.


I believe Mac has said that all of the items are still stored in their database and as such, you’ll get it back.


Just as balian said.
I believe the issue of the items not showing up in your condo is entirely Garry’s Mod’s fault and has nothing to do with the information stored in the database.


Pretty much inline with everyone said above me, but items that you lost that you should own - like trophies, plate, or donor stuff can be returned by just simple checks and not your condo data.


but will any trophies from gmt be in TU?
because i don’t think achievement progress transfers

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If you’re talking about milestones, then yes, they will be returning eventually.

Glad to hear, my condo lost almost all its items also and still has them all missing.

Does that also mean stuff that was in moving boxes?, as well as the vault?.