Disable speed shoes during Forgotten remains

Title. I know they don’t affect the event all that much, but the speed still gives you an unfair advantage.

That’s why you can only pickup a remaining every 10 seconds.


There’s a 10 second delay between picking up the remains, this will make the speed shoes have no major advantage. Also, 3 remains spawn per player and they happen every 30 minutes.

It would be annoying to disable the speed shoes during an event if you actually needed to use the speed shoes and weren’t part of the event. The forgotten remains is an event that takes place in several areas of the plaza.


Sometimes it takes longer than 10 seconds to reach remains and those with speed shoes can access them before others and get more in total. This isn’t a major advantage of course, but still an advantage nonetheless.

Why not add an option to opt out of the event and re-enable the shoes?


Exactly this. They do give you a a slight advantage when the grave is far enough, enabling you to reach it even though you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.


Because jetpacks aren’t limited to Indiegogo backers

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When do anyone ever need speedshoes so much in Plaza other than gaining an advantage that they need it during the event?

You’re still giving them an unfair advantage, how little you claim it to be. I was able to not get some because some people were a fraction of second faster than me. With speedshoes, I would have definitely made it.

I understand that the backers made this game into a reality, but speedshoes has always been the wrong way to reward them.
When concerns were raised, you have responded multiple times in the past that they will never be part of anything that will give them any advantage yet here we are.

No, speed shoes are faster than the jetpacks.

i don’t really think it matter as they usually just get 1 extra, but for future events i hope this is kept in mind.

Woah, hold it there buddy. There’s gonna be speedy items in the future- for now, just relax.

I think speed shoes were a great idea, mainly because backers helped PTG in a pivotal time, and this is their backer reward. If you didn’t get any, I’m sorry you didn’t, but as someone with speed shoes, it really doesn’t give you nearly as much edge to the game as people make it out to be. There’s still a massive cooldown, and you still have as much capacity to get remains as anyone else at a given time.

Plus, there’s only so many commemorative plates you can get :smile:


Do we have them now? No. Mac has already stated it will be slower.
We’re talking about now. I mean there are many suggestions from a year ago that still haven’t seen its release. One of them received 70+ votes and hasn’t made it to the game client, so who knows how long the inferior speedy shoes is going to be released?

Of course you would say that. You and Derak already own them.

It’s just shoes that make you faster in a video game, it’s not something to get too mad about.


I don’t really want to feed into the anger here, but making items takes time. That time takes away time from other ongoing projects. As much as I would love telling you that the item is coming out right now, which I would, it just isn’t realistic.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. We have to make the item, make the manifest for it, test the item, and then make a build (which is about a 4-6 hour process). And then it delays everything else. If the item has some issue after the build - we gotta make another build, delaying further things once more.

I’m not saying this particular item would cause such a headache, but there is a time and labor cost associated with the item. It could also cause such a headache, though. I’ve seen really easy to make features delay our patch by days due to some small snag or build issue.

The item will be made at some point. As for the other features that are voted up, of course we know about them. We’re still working on what we’ve got. And what we’ve got on our plate is a lot. We’re a small group. I am currently the only dedicated gameplay programmer and I’ve got a lot on my plate. I would love to have infinite amount of time to dedicate to this project.

We’re currently trying to avoid adding new features on to our already planned feature set so we can get the things we’re aiming for done first, while maintaining what we have finished.

As of now, I’m currently investing my time on fixing minigames and other major features in our game.