Direct X Runtime

Hello, I’m trying to run Tower Unite on my PC… I have Direct X 11 installed, showing under DxDiag, and I’ve tried to reinstall Direct X plus C++

I keep getting the Direct X Runtime required error when trying to start the game. Can anyone please help me?

UPDATE: I tried installing Direct X from the installers that download with the game, they install correctly. Again, I seem to have DX11 installed. I am now downloading a driver update for my graphics. UE4 demo that someone posted to test if TU would run also gives me this DirectX Runtime error.

So I am confused as to why I never got this error playing things like RYSE. Any help is appreciated.

Could you please provide your PC specs?

Yeah, I have an iMac, bootcamped running Windows 8.1

CPU: i5 4670 3.4ghz
GPU: nVidiaGTX 775m
Ram: 8GB

Hmm. This might be an issue with unreal and bootcamp drivers possibly? Your GPU supports DX11, although you know that since Ryse runs. You shouldn’t have to be manually installing DX11 for any game.

I’d double check and see if there’s any bootcamp drivers missing that would prevent windows from communicating with your graphics chipset.

Also, maybe try installing Unreal Tournament and see if that runs? It would help isolate if that’s a Tower issue or an overarching Unreal issue on your setup.

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Unreal Tournament works well, no problems loading. The drivers are nVidia official drivers, not boot camp ones.