Direct Connect

So, I’ll keep it short and simple.

Basically, much like the “connect” command in the Source engine, there should be some sort of prompt that allows you to directly connect to a server by supplying it’s IP address. Although, I know that most servers are indexed in the server browser, but maybe due to some sort of glitch a server does not show up in the browser, this would allow the user to enter the IP and connect to the server that isn’t index.


This would be very nice, especially when more servers start appearing. It would certainly help with gathering friends together or for advertising specific servers. It can certainly be a hassle to try and search by server name alone…


Adding on to this direct connect thing, if the game could accept the “+connect ip:port” launch parameters, that would be cool.


This sounds really cool and I can see lots of uses for it :slight_smile:

Edit: I read some of the posts below and didn’t know it was possible, i don’t actually think this is needed :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you can join a server directly through the Steam Server browser? You can add your own IPs to your favourites and then join them through there.
Click on View and then on Servers in Steam to access it.

Steam server browser launches the game, but doesn’t actually connect to the server for Tower Unite. It might work for Condos and Game Worlds (since you can join those via your Steam Friends List), but those aren’t actually listed in the server browser.

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