Different response codes depending on whether im using token

I have just noticed that when I ask for 50 questions from the Art category, I get an error code 1, not enough questions.
However, if I am using my session token, I get a response code of 4 which says to reset my token. However, surely this is wrong because there are not enough questions, meaning an error code of 1 should be returned every time.


If you are using a token, and there aren’t enough questions to satisfy the request, the system will assume that your token has used the entire pool of questions available to it, and ask for you to reset the token to refresh the pool.

This only happens at the moment on certain categories because there are certain categories which don’t yet have 50 questions of each type (true/false , multiple choice) and of each difficulty (easy, medium, hard).

Ok thanks, just seems a bit strange because then its impossible to differentiate between having to reset the token and just not having enough questions with the options provided.