Different fishing rods for different abilities

Make different fishing rods. Some could be stronger and the stress level could go much slower. Some may be faster to reel in. I would love this and I suck at fishing so this could be really helpful for me. Obviously they’d be different prices and much more expensive but I have got units, I got a bunch of them so I would be willing to spend so much for a fishing rod

I support this, as someone who desperately wants to be good at fishing but still struggles.

They could even add some unique looking fishing rods as achievement/milestone rewards.


I’m definitely in favor of a fast (but weak) rod, and a slow (but strong) rod. Yes.

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i’d love some cosmetics for my rod

functionally different rods, i don’t know. maybe one that prioritizes easier fish with a higher chance of commons and one that prioritizes harder fish with a higher chance of rares? i don’t know, i’d rather not dip into that territory

i want a pink rod tho

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Pretty sure multiple fishing rods are already planned, seeing as it has its own category at the fishing shop. Also not to mention it says “Rods

(Edit: On the off-chance this isn’t already planned, I like the idea of having better and worse fishing rods a lot!)


Other fishing rods are planned and have been shown, but they’re purely cosmetic and will probably be added whenver upgrades store gets its function.