Different Condo Saves

So I was starting to make my villa more christmas themed, and I thought to myself… “Removing all of the christmas stuff and the many snow piles all over the condo is going to be such a pain! If only we had different condo saves so I could keep the christmas themed villa and simply go back to my normal villa”.

And here I am now, suggesting my idea. Basically being able to have up to 3 different saves per condos. With this you could have different versions of the same condos. For example, I could have a normal version, an halloween themed version, and a christmas themed one. This would be really helpful for those who wish to remodel most of their condo but are too hesitant since they might not be able to have their condo look like how it originally was anymore.

You can already have multiple condo saves, it’s under the tab menu - condo snapshots if I remember correctly

Edit: It’s under My Condo - Save/Load in the tab menu


There are condo snapshots, as well as physically backing up the condodata file. Seasons are great, but stink at the same time. If your build is done and there is nothing else to add it’s easy. But the problems is we always have more we want to add in and change at the same time. Reverting to a pre holiday condodata will lose all of that new work, so gotta be mindful of changes done while in holiday mode.