Different Condo Locations/Shapes!

So this is probably thought of but I would like to give my input if it isn’t. So I think it would be cool for maybe 20,000 units or however much you could change your condo location. So maybe like your condo is floating in the sky or maybe your condo is on like a pirate ship or maybe you live next to a volcano. So this way your condo is more unique rather than just the island condo. I think this would be great and it would be cool to live in different locations! I would love to hear what other ideas you guys have to for places to live. Heck maybe even a underwater house?! The list goes on, so whats your ideas guys?! :grin:

Or also like different designs of the house itself. Maybe a triangle shape house or a cube shape the list goes on!

How about a condo that’s actually in a tower?

Different skyboxes, as well as, customizable condo layouts, are both planned features.

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