Different classes?

I was wondering how it could work to add different classes to Planet Panic with different purposes (offensive/defensive etc) in the beta rework. For example, what if there was a defensive class that forfeited some of its orb-carrying ability and/or speed for higher DPS, or an offensive class that does less damage but is faster/can carry more orbs? Or just specializations in general, some classes could be faster/do more damage/carry more orbs at the cost of other stats.

Players could be free to choose what they wish, or class limits could be imposed (one defense, one offensive and one ‘neutral’ per team or something. or if there were two classes, a class limit of two to avoid stacking).

I don’t know if this would work well or if it would be well received but I thought it’d be an interesting idea to throw out there. I feel like adding this sort of choice & strategy to the game could raise the skill ceiling significantly.

This could be interesting but I wouldn’t like it to make certain classes better or worse with mobility, as it feels like mobility is of high importance to this game. Maybe each class had different (but not exactly better or worse) mobility options?


All I want is more animal/pet types.

(See this thread:)