Devs, I know you said you would, but please dont bring back the item playground


Alright, this “gameworld” was and is utterly pointless, in my opinion, it fits in nowhere in tower unite, and should not come back. Its was literately just filler, you rarely ever saw someone hosting a game on there, whenever I used it, I found myself leaving within the first 30 seconds. Please dont bring it back, the very idea of it goes against the main structure of tower unite, play, create, party. So unless you want to change your motto to play, create, party, loadintoabrareworldwhereyoucanredeemitemsandleavewithin10seconds, I wouldn’t recommend bringing this back.

(Sorry if this came of rude, I just have a bitter distaste for this old feature"

  • bring back item playground
  • i dont care if they bring it back
  • dont bring back item playground

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Wait you could actually host a session on the item playground?
Where the hell was this button?



I could of sworn there was a server list.



Yea there was a button bottom right of the startup menu
You could host servers aswell



I don’t see why it should/shouldn’t be brought back. It allowed for experimenting in building, and if it was brought back then it allows for features to be tacked onto it.
What if you could build with infinite items and create a “blueprint” of sorts for things that you want to later build in your condo? With things like that, it’s not completely useless.



I remember when I used to spam fireworks on the item playground servers.

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we dont need a feature that someone uses once or twice then forgets about and never uses again



I think a dev said it was coming back a while ago.



I don’t know why everyone’s up in arms, as long as it doesn’t take a considerable amount of dev time (I don’t know why it would) I wouldn’t mind it being brought back.



A playground would be cool if you actually had every item to play with. IIRC it was only an infinite amount of items you currently own, because of that condos kinda defeated the purpose of the playground.

If I’d bring it back, do it justice and make it a full on sandbox. In addition you can build up a condo with everything available, save a snapshot and import it as a condo once you own all of the items used in that snapshot. It could help newer players get an idea of what’s available in the game and what they can really do with everything easily available.

Edit: Just noticed @ShaderWave beat me to the “blueprint” idea.