Destroy the picture above you



Oh dear, oh no, I put the gears in reverso


no you didnt


Yeah, he did.


That is fake news. So fake off.
That insult was fake please don’t take it in a bad way, also i just dropped my fake.



Your power is useless against me!


If you want something done you got to do it yourself… You asked for it!


Your done Moseby HAHA!


You fool! That is my twin brother, Michael Moseby!


Everyone know your true nature Moseby…and its not pretty


I’m shooting it with my tiny, but destructive rocket!


I’m dismantling it with my tiny, but destructive other twin brother!




It is too late. If I must die with my brothers, then so be it. Shoot your shot explosion man


Unlucky loss! You got 3!


You killed Michael and that is unforgivable. Me and the rest of my kin are at the Tipton Bunker planning on how to take you down! I know Mikey Moseby is smiling down on us from the heavens right now…


sorry birds fly
(also im sleeping now don’t bother to do anything else until like next morning i rapidly check this)


We like to duck hunt so I shoot you.


damn you loaded those confetti rounds by accident