Desk Setup

I’m quite proud of it. Except for the one missing neon bar, but I’m to lazy to try and load into the lobby

I’m using a shower head as a mic XDDDD


[quote=“Herobrine, post:1, topic:8982”]
Except for the one missing neon bar [/quote]
OCD people probably hate you now.

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Sucks to be them then?


yeah no shit god damn this

Why is the shower head sold at Central Circuit anyway?!?

a shower head as a mic



you just increased the amount of OCD hatee with that reply

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Look as an artist I understand the need for that to be fixed, but i have had a very rough day and I didn’t have the time to spend 15 years trying to load into the lobby, nor was i in the mood. So I didn’t.

I don’t think you understnad.


k then


Honestly it’s not even that big of a deal and if it bothers people that much I am not forcing them to read this thread or enter my condo. What they do is entirely up to them. It’s not the end of the world. I did not have the time, nor the energy or motivation, to sit through the lobby loading screen. So thank you for your feedback, sorry I apparently was offensive. Have a nice day.

Not bad heh!

I think you still don’t understand. I should be more clear :confused:

I was laughing with the fact that you responded to TheAwesomeGuy with “Sucks to be then” -> makes the OCD even stronger. I then pointed that out in this comment:

and I spelled hate wrong on purpose to enforce the joke even more.

Then I tried to clear things up for you and used the same joke, I spelled understand wrong.

I just realised that I’m dumb for thinking anyone would get the joke. Sorry for the misunderstanding, my fault.

Have a nice day!

Calm down guys. Let’s not ruin this condo showcase with arguments, K?

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post can’t be empty, hug

pfft, i hate that. lol.

No desk setup is a good desk setup without one more neon bar.

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