Designer perk?

Would the clothing/hat item that the player had PixelTail design for them be unique to that backer only, or would others be able to purchase it in-game?

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Hmm, I guess it isn’t the most clear perk description. I always assumed it was an item that anyone could buy.

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I think making it so anyone can purchase it is better. Or, you can let the designer choose whether he wants to make his own item or a public item. If the item is public, then mark the one the designer gets somehow that it’s his own made one, kinda like TF2, which has the Community quality.


Hoping a dev can come explain this, thinking of upgrading to that perk if I can make myself something unique. :cat:

Yes, everyone would be able to purchase it. You give us the idea, we make it.

Darn. Will the backer have some variant that shows they produced the idea, like @Radek suggested?

Ooh nice, I take it one could use an internet alias over a real name for the engraving?


It can be whatever you desire as long as it:

  • Does not contain explicit or offensive words.
  • Does not infringe on any copyrights (includes memes).
  • Does not contain hate speech.
  • Does not advertise a website or service.
  • Does not contain personal information (address or phone number).
  • Is shorter than 40 characters. If your name is really that long we’ll work something out.

Ultimately, we’ll let you know if it oversteps what we are willing to put in the game.

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