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I also have no idea if it’s possible but I’d love to see this if it is. Even more than that, I’d love even more to see it reattached to the rest of the plaza. I miss being able to just walk into it.

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imo i prefer this new system, i mean we never really walked into it and this new system loads wayyyy better than how it did when it was in the plaza, at least for me it is and i think it should stay like it is as the whole point is to avoid loading the whole plaza to go to the gameworlds

it’s like the tower express of gameworlds. not having to load the full plaza for something

unless the plaza gets a dramatic decrease of it’s load times to incredibly short maybe slightly more or less than the matchmaking server, then maybe only then I’d be okay with it rejoining the plaza, but no teleporters if that’s the case. since imo they feel clunky


One of the unofficial servers displayed on the plaza servers list is the gameports server I believe, don’t know if it shows every time or not…

During the private alpha, the gameworlds ports were connected by a hallway, directly to the plaza, like how it was in GMT lobby 2. That’s what I was referring to.

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