Default wall textures -> Canvas

(I searched before posting, hopefully I’m right that this is a new suggestion)We should be able to use the selection of textures that the condo walls have on the canvas parts, for use cases such as: Building wall extensions, Carpets, Doorways ,etc.

yes please. it sucks making your exotic condo or house look ripped from 1975 with wood paneling everywhere just because you wanted to build an extension. if they would allow for the concrete walls to have materials applied then building would be better.

This a million times. When building custom walls and floors with canvas-blocks onto existing condos it would be amazing to be able to use the same textures as the rest of the condo.

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I always preferred the ingame textures for walls to outsourced images so it does kinda suck when you have to figure out weird ways to make it look good for extensions and stuff.


Also more of a nitpick but it’d be nice to be able to apply normal/bump maps to canvases too (although that’s probably already been suggested)
Edit: yes it is