Dedicated Vehicle and Jetpack Slots on Hotbar

With the amount of Equipped Pets increasing and Vehicles receiving more attention, it may be time to add on to and adjust the Player’s hotbar.

Here’s the mock-ups:

  • Vehicles and Jetpacks are given their own unique slots. These slots allow the player to quickly toggle their Vehicle and Jetpacks on/off. Toggling could be tied to hotkeys… say like 0 or 9

  • Morphs can also be placed in the “Mount” slot, letting Players choose between a Morph or a Vehicle to have at hand.

Adding these slots and the toggling would help fight the Hotbar clutter issue (the Tower Glove helped alleviate some of that). The “Mount” toggle in particular would give some much needed attention to vehicles and morphs, while the Jetpack toggle would be more for disabling it in an inappropriate place.


  • If any part of the Hotbar were to allow duplicate Items… it should be the Passive bar and not the Active bar. Duplicates would be disabled in the Active hotbar to maintain the current balance. Especially since we’re nearing Balloon Season.

i like the designated slot idea but i’d like to expand on it it would be nice to have maybe 4 slots mount, jetpack, size potion, and modifier. having them all toggleable with hotkeys instead of talking them off anytime would help especially with how large your inventory can be it would help.

for the modifier slot it would have items like speed shoes, ice potion or even the adrenaline except that wouldn’t be a toggle like the others it would be more like the virus c hotkey.

Alright, I think the real good idea everyone wants is actually not so much the expansion but the hotkey-toggling for the jetpack, morph/vehicle/potion/etc. I approve, tho would better see the thread’s title altered to reflect that point

Hot key toggling is something I am interested in adding.