Dedicated server / Plaza not receiving Units

I did make an online server to play with friends but we aren’t receiving any Units. I did tryed on an other server and it’s the same. Will it become available on private server or is it only an option not avtivated on my side?


Unofficial Plaza Servers currently cannot give out units, only Official Pixeltail Servers can.

Do you know if it will be implemented some day or will et be kept for official to prevent hackers(as the reason I found)?


Maybe just servers with VAC support will give you units?

Eventually, the plan is for unofficial servers running without mods to give out standard Units (which can be used on any unmodded server) and unofficial modded servers to give out server-stored Units (which aren’t synced across servers). Right now the systems needed to be absolutely certain every Unit is legitimately earned for unmodded servers is still being worked on; hence, only the official Pixeltail servers allow for Units distribution. Likewise, there is not yet a system for storing server-based Units, so unofficial servers simply can’t give out any currency yet.

As you likely already know, this does NOT apply to gameworld servers, just Lobby ones.

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