Dedicated Local Chat Button

Add a keybind for a dedicated local chat box (u by default in Garry’s Mod).
I know you can switch local/global chat with tab or the button on the side of the chat box, but it’d be much more convenient to have a dedicated button for when you have conversations going on in both local and global chat. It gets pretty annoying to switch back and forth with tab, and often I end up chatting in the wrong one on accident

that trello page does not show what the user is suggesting in it.
I’m going to assume they mean two separate TABS as in like a browser having multiple tabs to switch between.

No, they mean there would be two separate buttons to open chat, where one button allows the user to type in global chat, and another allows the user to type in local chat (similar to team/all chat in team-based games).
However, Mac has confirmed on the Discord that global and local chat will have separate tabs.

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Yep, this is what I meant. It’d be a lot more convenient to have two separate chat buttons

I believe the idea is that they will be tabs which will have dedicated buttons as well.

Since this was suggested over a year ago and even after Global Chat update this has not been implemented… (Also neither does the Upcoming Chat Features have this feature listed on trello) Either they just forgot this was suggested (probably) It’d be nice if this was added because it’s frustrating to chat to local chat and global chat at the same time like if someone is asking something specific in local chat and then someone else is talking in global chat at the same time. Since if you want to answer someone in local chat but you just answered someone in global chat you’ll have to go back to global chat and then switch to local chat to answer someone there… Like if you could just press Y to use global chat and U for local chat it would make my life so much better.
Edit: Also having dedicated buttons for local and global chat would probably also encourage more people to actually use local chat instead of global chat for people talking to other people in the same server so germans who are talking to each other in one server would actually use local chat so rest of the players wouldn’t have to mind their business.

Also making the chat more readable on bright background would be nice (having outlines in the chat like someone else suggested forever ago). Another thing to add would be nice is if you could see Global chat on local chat (not just people in the same server) and having that as an option would be nice so if you are simultaneously talking to people in global and local chat you wouldn’t miss the global chat (since it only shows messages from the players in the same server as you are in).

You can press tab in the type menu to switch between global and local chat right now.

Yes but you have to open chat first to do that plus it switches between global and local chat so it’s not dedicated to either one. I’m talking about a button dedicated to either global or local chat not both.