Debug Commands

Debug commands in games like Mini Golf would be good. like if there was a bug that made you stuck you can reset that hole, or if a bug occurs and you didn’t know what triggered it or you didn’t record it you can restart that hole to find out. and so people don’t abuse it make it so you can’t earn Units if you used a command.

Resetting a hole during gameplay would open up a lot of abuse, even with Units. What would be best is a mulligan system, which is toggable in the server settings. But, we would need gameplay settings first.


I don’t really see the need for this but it would be nice to be able to choose specific levels maybe in single player only games to practice on

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Yeah, practicing holes in singleplayer seems like a cool addition and something I have seen suggested before, which means there’s demand for it.


I would mostly use it for practicing ballrace skips :slight_smile:

edit: although choosing specific holes could be abused since you could do hole 18 on emission over and over for an easy hio

yea thats why i said no units if your using the commands

I think it would be better to just have a single player option where you can choose what level you want to play