Deadzones for reeling while fishing

While fishing I’ve encountered only in this spot what I believe are potential fishing deadzones. I was left clicking the whole time. I attempted a few times to get back to the specific meters of which it had happened but usually fell short but the Video I’m about to link which I uploaded on Youtube shows what I believe is an issue

Steps to Reproduce

Go behind the games to the fishing docks, To the furthest dock on the left and throw the reel out as far as possible. Click rapidly and move your mouse around. Tower Unite possible fishing deadzones - YouTube (link to video since a picture wouldn’t show much

What I expected to happen

When left clicking to reel I’d expect fish to be fighting back instead of getting bored and running away.

What happened

I’m not sure!

Notes / Media

Another Video: Tower Unite possible fishing deadzones - YouTube

That’s very interesting. I think I found the issue and a fix is made for the next update.