Day off because of Sad News

Recently my grandad has just died aged 78 and I am in a sad mood.

Because of this, I am taking a day off from the Forums today, and I will see you tomorrow.

You can share your condolences here.

): condolences buddo

>grandfather died
>goes to the forums and asks random strangers for condolences

Like… I’m sorry for your loss, he must have been a great guy, but there’s literally no reason to post this here


So sorry for your loss. My Grandads uncle passed away from cancer a few months
ago and I had to take about a week off from the forums. RIP Your Grandad And My Grandads Uncle

Sorry for your loss, but i’ll second what vtipo said

Sorry for the loss, my Step-Grandad was shot and killed when I was 6, so I know how it feels

Just remember, this forum is for Tower Unite, this is not Facebook.

My condolences friend. :cry:

Sorry to hear that, dude. We’re here for you.

Thanks for your kind words.

I’m sorry for your loss Agent.