Daily quests?

Could be a possible idea to bring more people online for small saily quests for small rewards like play a game of mini golf or go buy a specific furniture. Would love to have some small objectives to do and also help new players

That sounds like it could be a cool idea.

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I’ve always loved daily objective in games, so I’m all for it. Could potentially be tied into the events system by basically making them events that last all day.

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I’ve seen discussions about it here and there. I love the concept! How about weekly challenges as well? They could be more difficult, but reward more. For example, getting a perfect 300 in bowling or achieving >90WPM in Typing Derby for 25,000 units.

I have plans for daily highscore characters that challenge you to beat their highscores for most Plaza and Game World scores for an award. We also want to make daily item awards and expand on daily events. The trick is making daily things that don’t repeat too much that it gets boring.


I love the concept how it’s implemented in GTA Online. I’d be all for it!

I really like that idea

dont have time to play this game daily, maybe weekly quests