Daily Dev Log for November 29th, 2017


##Daily Dev Log for November 29th, 2017

Hey everyone! Here’s what everyone on the team has been working on over the course of today, November 29th, 2017.

@Zak continued working on Steam Workshop support. He wrangled with asset files to get it ready for workshop skeletal animation. He had to figure out some FBX export / import issues, figure out how to get animation data into viewer application for testing, and he poked around in Unreal Engine 4 shaders to determine how bone matrices are stored and loaded into the GPU. Outside of Workshop, he fixed an issue with the mesh painting brush size limit.

@macdguy doesn’t work Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

@Lifeless finished working on the Winter Item from yesterday, and continued working on the Zombie Massacre map, Gasoline.

@Matt continued working on art for Zombie Massacre.

@Madmijk continued designing character item code for Zombie Massacre.

@Johanna worked on the frozen iceberg filled ocean in the Plaza, improved the quality of the snow effects around the Plaza by using vertex painted snow materials, and worked on various other pieces of art in the Plaza.

@Caboose700 doesn’t work Wednesdays and Thursdays.

@Wergulz finished working on the Akimbo animation set, and finished the Throw animation set.

@donglekumquat continued working on music for Zombie Massacre.

@Krionikal worked on a “Blade Trap” for Zombie Massacre.

@Deniz investigated laser bridges on Emission being broken due to the Engine Upgrade, discussing it with @macdguy to find a appropriate solution, and implemented that solution.

That’s what everyone at PixelTail Games has been working on today! See you all tomorrow!


hnnnggggg yeeessss


Santa Claus of yesteryear.

God damn it Matt stop painting your zombie version of the Mona Lisa and focus, it’s a zombie apocalypse out there.

I nominate the old developer boat for the ice bucket challenge.

As long as the gun manufacturing wasn’t outsourced to Tediore.