Daily Dev Log for November 17th, 2017


##Daily Dev Log for November 17th, 2017

Hey everyone! Here’s what everyone on the team has been working on over the course of today, November 17th, 2017.

@Zak talked with @Deniz explaining how the AGC works so that he can continue its development, and started laying out controls in the settings tab of the chatbox.

@macdguy talked in length about the project goals and organization. He also worked on Fishing, finishing up more of the struggle minigame stuff. He started working on the Winter Events, starting to work on the Snowball Battle minigame, developing a snowball item, planning out additional events, characters, items, and talked with @Foohy about selecting Holiday Items using a ticket given from the events.

@Foohy discussed in length about project goals and organization, began to add some new features to the internal item recipe system for the Winter Events, and helped @Deniz setup the new engine build.

@Lifeless continued working on art for the Plaza.

@Matt started making items for the Winter Event.

@Madmijk worked on items for Cooking.

@Johanna continued working on her quest to fix the Underwater Condo. She re-coded the airlocks, now properly syncing for all players. She re-coded the elevators in the satellite condos so that they should sync properly, and fixed an issue where players would be put into a swimming state while riding the elevators. She sped the elevators up by 25%, and updated the water to match the new water used in the Plaza.

@Caboose700 transcribed the notes from the meeting, created the design document for the Winter Events, and continued to look into long term storage for server monitoring data and art assets.

@donglekumquat worked on reload sounds for the Sonic Shotgun, continued working on Plaza music, and created sounds for shooting the Sci-fi Handgun.

@Deniz sat down with @Zak and learned everything there was to know about the item system. He performed code merges to bring the Tower engine branch up to date. He migrated all the settings he could from SettingsHelper & VolumeSettings blueprints into the new settings system, and prepared and discussed the plan for migration with the team.

That’s what everyone at PixelTail Games has been working on today! See you all tomorrow!


That’s still slow. Can we just get insta-teleports?


I do not intend be rude or anything, But I would suggest not making things like the halloween update, where people would just wait 30 minutes, then run to the beach and press E every 8 seconds. It wasn’t exactly very fun. I mean, It also was confusing for new players who didn’t understand that the forgotten remains were on the beach.




I don’t think you understand how elevators work…


This is an entirely different event. The holiday ticket item will allow you to choose what holiday themed item you want from it once redeemed.


Okay, first, this is a videogame.

And, have you seen how Highrise condo elevators work?


I haven’t seen the highrise condo but I would like to cite the empty black void that separates the casino from the plaza


Well that is good to hear!

The ticket part interests me, will you need to collect enough tickets to choose a specific holiday themed item? Like an arcade, where you have to earn enough tickets to get the item you want?
Or will everything just cost like 1 ticket?

On a random note, I was wondering if you might have a sign or something telling players who want a hint to be given a vague idea on how to earn the tickets? (Possibly the the vendors at stores would give hints?)

During the halloween event I saw what felt like 50+ people asking how to get/what the forgotten remains are. And I noticed a lot of people were just getting annoyed halfway through the halloween update, by either having to explain, or hearing someone explain how they work. (I personally like exploring for myself and figuring out what to do from scratch, but there seemed to be an annoying amount of players who rather ask then explore)

Sorry for all the questions, I just feel like it’ll help me and everyone who reads these comments on what we might expect to see in the winter update


The point of the elevators in the underwater condo is the feeling of being submerged under the water. It would feel weird to click a button then SUDDENLY be in an underwater base. at least, imo.


White is the new red, and we’re gonna paint the entire town with it.

But why would he go all the way to the North pole just to make them?

Wait a second, there’s gonna be a condo in space?
Dibs on the first rocket ride there.


Just in case you’re actually serious, the satellite condos are the smaller condos surrounding the central one. A condo in space would be the most incredible thing ever though.


I know that, i miss read what they meant and realized it literally a second after posting.

Still an actual condo in space would be pretty damn awesome, imagine a small space station floating over the earth, or a small condo inside an meteoroid/asteroid.


I’d actually really like to see that


yes yes yes yes yes, and yes



Right? PlayStation Home had this and it was my favorite personal space in the game.


Is this just a placeholder term for the actual item that will act as the tickets, or are you guys planning on just doing tickets as the final currency? I ask this because tickets do not sound festive at all (completely different from the entirely thematic forgotten remains of Halloween), and I’d like to see something like frosted cookies or pieces of coal as a festive currency to spend.


Yes, that’s why we need a secondary elevators that allows you to just get to the base quick and easy.
The novelty dies down pretty quick and it’s just a nuisance to browse condos and I find myself not wanting to visit underwater condos because of this.


It’s the technical term, not the actual item name. Just like the forgotten remains were originally called “treasure”.


I don’t know man, tickets seem pretty festive to me…